Garage Door Installation Services

Sometimes, your garage door can fall into disrepair. Whether you have an aging door, an outdated aesthetic, or improperly working mechanisms, you need to find a trusted solution to your garage door woes. If you need a garage door installation in Leander, Texas, call us – and our team can deliver at your convenience.

Our technicians will visit your home, assess your garage door situation, and get working on your installation in a swift, efficient, and tidy manner. We offer doors in many styles to fit your home aesthetic and vision. When you choose us for your Leander garage door installation, you are working with a highly trained, fully insured, and trusted professional for the best quality job in the area.

Garage Door Opener Installation

For the best quality garage door opener, you need to have a working mechanism that allows for seamless entries and exits. Unfortunately, not all Leander garages come with functioning garage door openers. If you struggle with malfunctioning garage door openers in your home, enlist our services today.

We will visit your home, assess your opener situation, and perform a precise process to install your garage door opener safely and securely. We are fully insured and follow industry standards during each step of the installation process. If you need any additional garage door repairs or maintenance in Leander, you can call us at any time – so you can rest assured that you will enjoy smooth entries and exits for years to come.

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Garage Door Repair Services

There are many reasons why you would need a garage door repair for your Leander, Texas home. From vehicle damage and normal wear and tear to malfunctioning equipment and extreme weather, we can repair your garage door under any situation. We have truly seen it all – and we can complete your job in a quick, efficient manner.

We can repair many common garage door problems for Leander homes, such as:

  • Loose garage door chains
  • Excessive garage door noise
  • Off-track garage doors
  • Broken or damaged bottom door seals

Our technicians have full training and insurance so that you know that you will receive a quality job whenever you enlist our services. We can provide you with routine maintenance services to lengthen your repair’s life.

Garage Door Opener Repair Services

Do you have an issue with your garage door opener? This can pose serious safety issues to your Leander, Texas home. In addition, not being able to access or exit your garage in a seamless manner can lead to serious frustration and headaches.

Common signs of malfunctioning garage door openers include:

  • A noisy motor but little movement with your opener belt or chain
  • A door that changes direction after it hits the garage floor
  • An opener that seems to struggle while operating

If you notice that your garage door opener needs repairs in Leander, look no further. Our trained professionals will visit your home and complete your repair in a timely, efficient manner. Don’t let your garage door opener suffer for too long – schedule your appointment today.

Garage Door Spring Repair

Have you noticed a broken spring on your Leander garage door? Leaving your spring in disrepair for too long can leave you without a functioning garage, which can pose a hazard to your vehicle. Choose us for an efficient and timely spring repair.

There are two main types of spring repairs, and our skilled garage door technicians have the training necessary to execute these repairs in a precise, high-quality manner:

  • Broken Extension Springs, which are the springs on each side of your garage door if you live in a small residence.
  • Broken Torsion Springs, which are the springs above the garage door if you live in a large residence or work in a commercial building.

Our technicians have full insurance and training to execute your spring repair in a precise and safe manner. We work on your schedule to minimize your overall damage – contact us today to set up your appointment.

Garage Door Maintenance

Sometimes, you need routine maintenance and tune-ups for your Leander garage door. You need a repair professional on your side to call on when you encounter these garage door issues. For all of your Leander maintenance needs, look no further.

Our technicians can help you with multiple types of garage door malfunctions, such as popped springs, broken motors, noisy doors, and more. Choose Austin Garage Door Mechanics for efficient, timely, and productive maintenance for your Leander garage.