Garage Door Services in Austin, TX

Many Austin homeowners rely on their garage doors more than they realize. We use them every day to get in and out of our homes and trust them to keep our properties and ourselves safe from intruders. We also depend on them to protect us during severe weather, natural disasters, and other emergencies. When a garage door fails, breaks down, or suffers catastrophic damage, immediate professional repairs are essential.

Austin Garage Door Mechanics is the premier choice of garage door installation and repair in the area due to our versatility, experience, and commitment to customer satisfaction. We can handle the toughest jobs for your garage door, from removal of the old opener to installation, maintenance, and spring repairs.

Garage Door Installation Services

Not every garage door meets the same standard of performance and value. If you need to completely replace your garage door, our team of professionals can handle the job quickly and efficiently. Some of the garage door installation services we provide include:

● Removal of very old garage doors.
● Replacing broken garage doors when repairs aren’t realistic or possible.
● Installing high lift doors or converting an existing door to a high lift configuration.
● Replacing an existing door for a more aesthetically pleasing door.
● Building a new garage or shop with a garage door.

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Garage Door Opener Installation

A high-quality garage door opener is essential if you’re planning to upgrade your existing garage door. Our garage door openers offer smooth, seamless, and reliable function. Without an appropriate garage door opener, your new door may not function correctly or stop working entirely. The professionals at Austin Garage Door Mechanics have the training and experience to handle any type of garage door opener installation job, and we only sell the highest quality garage door openers with the best warranties on the market.

Garage Door Repairs

Accidents, severe weather, vandalism, crime, and natural disasters can damage or destroy even the toughest garage doors. The team at Austin Garage Door Mechanics understands that garage door repairs can’t wait. When you need emergency repairs, you need them fast. We can provide fast, efficient, and professional service for any garage door repair job in Austin. A few common issues we can handle include:

● Door malfunctions.
● Broken seals.
● Off-track doors.
● Loose chains.
● Noisy doors.

Garage Door Opener Repairs

When you use your garage door opener, does the mechanism seem to struggle? Have you ever hit the button to activate the opener, but the belt or chain doesn’t move? Does your garage door immediately reverse direction when it closes and touches the floor? These are just some of the most common garage door opener issues facing Austin homeowners. Whatever type of problem you have with your garage door opener, our top-notch garage door technicians can help with fast and reliable service.

Garage Door Spring Repair

Most garage doors rely on spring-based systems for proper activation and reliable function. However, springs are finicky and somewhat fragile parts that can break or warp easily. When you have any type of issue with your garage door springs, you need help and you need it before the problem worsens. Our team has experience fixing broken torsion springs and extension springs, meaning we can tackle any kind of garage door spring problem you encounter.

Garage Door Maintenance

Some people take their garage doors and openers for granted until something goes wrong. Small issues can turn into big problems very quickly, and the longer you wait to address a serious issue, the more likely it is to worsen into a more expensive problem. If you let a door or opener problem linger for too long, you may need expensive repairs or need to replace the entire door.

If you are looking for top-quality garage door installation, repair, and maintenance services, Austin Garage Door Mechanics has you covered. Our team has experience with every major brand of garage doors and garage door openers. If you need a new garage door or opener system, we carry only the highest-quality products with the best warranties in the industry. Your technicians will work with you through every step of our work to ensure maximum value for every job. Contact Austin Garage Door Mechanics today to schedule your repair appointment or for more information about our garage door services in Austin.