Get a Garage Door Spring That Lasts 10 Times as Long

It is inconveniencing and can actually be dangerous when a garage door spring goes out. Without functioning torsion and extension springs, your door will not open correctly, if at all. Garage door springs are designed to hold a lot of pressure from your garage door system, but all good things eventually come to an end.

Choose Austin Garage Door Mechanics to provide and install a new spring, and you will go 10 times longer before you need a spring repair.

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Spring Cycles and What They Mean For You

Every garage door spring has a certain number of times it will help open and close your garage door before it expires. Not all springs are created equally. Most spring providers promise around 10,000 cycles with a “lifetime warranty”. This sounds like a lot, but let’s see what it really means.

Is 10,000 a lot? Not exactly, no.

If you only use your garage door once in the morning and once in the evening, you will still use over 700 cycles in a year. You can expect the spring to last around 14 years. But if you use your garage door four times a day, that quickly reduces to seven years, and the time just keeps getting shorter as you use your garage more.

We offer exclusive 100,000-cycle springs that promise:

  • Ten times the average spring lifespan.

  • Significant lifetime warranties.

  • Springs that won’t expire before the door.

Get a New Torsion or Extension Spring That Lasts

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