Garage Door Spring Repair

Did you hear a loud bang coming from your garage or tried to open your garage door unsuccessfully before spotting a busted spring? When these springs go out, they really let you know. And the inconvenience it brings with its downtime is something that not a lot of home or business owners have time for.

When you work with the garage door spring repair experts at Austin Garage Door Mechanics, you can minimize the time without garage door function. We will also make sure your next spring won’t break prematurely.

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There are different types of garage door spring repair needs in the Austin area:

  • Broken Torsion Springs – These are found on larger residential doors and commercial doors. They pack a lot of power and are located just above the door.

  • Broken Extension Springs – Located on the sides of the door, extension springs are typically found on smaller residential doors.

Since it has many moving parts, there are other potential repairs as well. Use caution around garage door parts; many are under major pressure. It’s best to let the professionals handle it.

We also provide repairs for garage doors and garage door openers and any part of the garage door system you can think of.

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Austin Garage Door Mechanics will have your garage door functioning properly again as fast as possible. We take care to consider your overall system when making a spring repair.

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