Garage Door Opener Repair Keeps Your Garage Secure

It’s important to treat garage door opener breakdowns with the seriousness they deserve. A garage door that can’t properly shut is a security issue as well as an invitation for pests. A door that won’t open is a major transportation issue. And if it is closing at a time it isn’t supposed to, you might need to call your insurance company for vehicle damage.

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Signs There is a Problem With Your Garage Door Opener

Aside from the obvious problems opening and closing, there could be more subtle signs you need a repair.

Experiencing any of this? Our garage door opener repair experts in Austin will take care of it for you.

  • Motor makes noise but the Belt or Chain Doesn’t Move – This is a very common issue among many makes and models of garage door openers. There are gears inside of the motor housing that cause the chain or belt to go around and move the door up and down. Those gears are made of plastic and will strip at some point during the life of the opener. The good news is that we stock parts on their trucks to remedy the issue fast and reliably.

  • Opener Seems to be Struggling– It is possible for your garage opener to open effortlessly. If it seems like it is working extra hard, it may need a repair before something costlier occurs.

  • Door Reversing Direction After Hitting Floor– All garage door openers have some way of determining at which point the door needs to stop either near the floor or at the top of the opening. Depending on the age of the opener these limit settings can either be electronically controlled by the circuit board or they could be switches located on the rail but either way, they at some point during the life of the opener these switches, limit modules or circuit boards may either need an adjustment or complete replacement.

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