We Sell, Install, and Repair Amarr Garage Doors in Austin, Texas

Austin Garage Door Mechanics specializes in the sales, installation, and repair of Amarr brand doors. We offer quality, expert garage door service in all aspects of garage door ownership, including the garage door itself as well as the garage door opener and all its accessories. We believe in selling quality products we can stand behind, including Amarr garage doors.

The front elevation of your home is perhaps its most important asset. It is here that you, along with friends, family and passers-by, get a full view of your home and a good feel for its aesthetic. It’s no coincidence that a beautiful garage door makes such a difference in your home’s appearance, either – garage doors are the single largest feature you can choose for a home to boost your home’s beauty.

Aside from curb appeal, the function of a quality garage door is obvious – your garage door provides your home and possessions with much-needed access as well as security. Unfortunately, when access or security is compromised, it can put a serious damper on your peace of mind. Wecan offer, easy access, staunch security, and peach of mind. We can resolve your garage door issues in a timely and wallet-friendly manner.

We  Offer Quality Amarr Garage Doors

Whether you’re undertaking a new build or seeking a quality replacement garage door, we have the Amarr doors to match the aesthetics and quality you’ve been seeking. Primarily, Amarr doors come in three distinct groups:

  • Carriage house style. Amarr designed its carriage house style doors to imitate the classic, swing-out doors so often found on historical carriage houses with the technology to lift overhead like a modern door. These doors are available in steel or wood.
  • Amarr’s traditional line boasts multiple options for every homeowner. Choose from various panel designs and colors as well as a vast selection of window shapes and arrangements. Traditional doors are available in steel only.
  • Amarr also offers specialty garage doors for more unique front elevations. The specialty line hosts more modern or contemporary designs in aluminum or iron settings. These Amarr doors are available by special request.

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Our team can help you select the right Amarr door and Liftmaster opener for you and provide expert installation. Better yet, should you find yourself needing repairs, our service department provides quality garage door repair service and maintenance.

Austin Garage Door Mechanics Services Amarr Garage Doors and Amarr Garage Door Openers

If you’re experiencing a problem with your Amarr garage door or Amarr brand garage door opener, Austin Garage Door Mechanics can usually get your door back in operation by the end of the day. Our technicians can address any issues with garage door spring repairs, chain or belt drives, remote controls, control panels, and more.

Alternately, should you need a replacement garage door opener, we are is here to help. We can remove the old opener, guide you in selecting the right replacement for your needs, and set up control panels and mobile apps for your easy access.

Ready for a new door? Contact us today at (512) 931-4298 or fill out our contact sheet for more information about Amarr door sales and maintenance or check out our 24/7 garage opener repair service.