Winter is fast approaching and although our winters here in Austin, TX aren’t as extreme as they are in the North East we still receive hundreds of calls for broken garage door springs otherwise known as torsion springs or extension springs.  With Winter comes a dip in temperature which can cause the spring steel to expand and contract and may cause your spring to break.

We often talk to people who think that the garage door opener is responsible for opening and closing the door and while that is partially correct most of the lifting is done with the help of the springs while the opener just guides the door up and down.  When a spring breaks the opener typically struggles to open the door often only lifting the door a few inches off the ground before stopping. If this happens to you STOP immediately.  If you continue to try and open the door you could ruin both the door and the opener.  At this point, you should call Austin Garage Door Mechanics at 512-931-4298 and schedule an appointment for us to come out and evaluate the situation and give you an estimate of repair.

garage door repairs

Garage door springs are rated in cycles and every time the door goes up and down is considered 1 cycle.  Springs that are supplied with new homes are typically rated for 10,000 cycles which may sound like a lot but that may only last 4 or 5 years with normal use.  Although, it’s almost impossible to visually inspect a spring and know if it needs to be replaced there are some things you can use to help with that evaluation:

  • Does the bottom of the door stay near the top of the opening when raised manually?  If the door starts to fall the spring/s may need to be replaced or additional tension may need to be added.
  • If the door is routinely used and the springs are getting up in age you may want to be proactive and have them replaced prior to breaking.
  • If the springs lose enough tension it may cause your garage door opener to struggle to push or pull the door up or down.  When this happens, most openers are designed to reverse direction to prevent the opener from being damaged.
  • If you find yourself having to press the wall button multiple time to get the door to open or close this is not normal and could also be a sign of weakening spring/s.  At this point you should stop and call a Professional before you potentially damage your door or opener.

If you’re currently experiencing any of the things described above or just want general maintenance please call Austin Garage Door Mechanics at 512-941-4298.